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*Savings may vary by system size, usage and roof shading.

Benefits of Going Solar
Whether you’re considering solar for your home or office, it can be a big decision with a big payoff. These are just some of the reasons you may choose to move forward with adding solar to your residential or commercial building.

Money Savings
Saving money by reducing your electric bill is one of the main reasons consumers choose to go solar. After all, we do live in the Valley of the Sun, where temperatures exceed 100ºF one third of the year. Across the US, the typical family saves $1,400 or more a year on electrical bills by switching to solar. And you can imagine that savings can skyrocket in a commercial building. Some of those who switch to solar save up to 90% of their costs and may even choose to go off grid and be 100% solar.

Most people who install solar see a return on their investment within 6 to 12 years, depending on usage.

Panels and inverters are warranted for up to 25 years. If you ever have any issues, just contact us and we’ll help you get them taken care of.

Should You Own or Lease?
There are two options for adding solar panels to your home or office: owning or leasing through a power purchase agreement. Knowing which is better is key to determining how much savings you will enjoy with your solar installation.

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