We worked with the homeowner on this project to keep the solar out of sight from the front drive. This was important to our client.

This project was a new home build. We worked with the roofer to set our anchor points of attachment before the foam roof installation. And then installed tilt racking to provide optimum performance of the collectors.

Here we installed a tilt racked system on a slightly pitched foam roof.

Standard racking in asphalt shingles with the combiner box near the array.

These are two central inverters we installed on a mobile home.

This customer did not want any penetrations in his roof at all, (he was a roofer ?). We created a tray that would hold our ballasted mount system.

Another look at the ballasted system. Customer provided the Panels and Inverter on this project.

Landscape install over S-tile roofing. Micro-inverters were used on this project.

Portrait install over asphalt shingles, with an SMA central inverter.


New warehouse lighting

LED Parking Lot lighting

Commercial Solar application using ballasted system and high wattage modules

Commercial Client goes solar

Redline Electric & Solar, LLC.