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Author Joshua Farley
Publication Year 2015
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Redline Electric & Solar, LLC was formed in 2009 by Joshua Farley and his father Roy Farley, with over 60 years of combined experience. Although Roy is no longer a direct part of the company, we continue to be a family operated business that prides itself in our high quality and high integrity work. At Redline Electric & Solar, LLC we believe in empowering our employees to be proud of the work they do and create excellence for our customers. We want to be known for our superior customer service and quality of work, as well as our belief in honesty in everything we do, at all times. We want our customers and employees to feel confident that they made the right choice in choosing Redline Electric & Solar, LLC.



Interested applicants will be required to fill out a Redline Electric & Solar, LLC hard copy application and attach a current resume. Service technicians will be required to take a 40 question service test as a part of their application. If and when a job offer has been extended to an applicant, they will fill out all necessary paperwork including a W4 and A4. The applicant will then have 48 hours to complete a ten panel drug test (refer to substance policies). Pending negative results from drug test, applicant will be hired on as a Redline Electric & Solar, LLC employee on a trial basis.


All Redline Electric & Solar, LLC employees will be required to review our handbook which includes information on safety, ethics, work management, etc. They will shadow a service technician for anywhere from one week to a few months, depending on experience. During weekly morning meetings, all employees will receive brief educational training lessons pertaining to work in the field. At this time all employees will also be stressed the importance of day to day safety including but not limited to working hot, lock out tag out and driving.
All employees are trained to use the Air Cycle Corporation Bulb Eater. They will watch a training video and complete a quiz on the information seen. After completion of quiz they will receive a certificate certifying their completed training.


Redline Electric & Solar, LLC’s normal business hours are from 8am-4pm Monday through Friday. We have 24/7 emergency services available. Employees will rotate an on call phone that is used for all emergency calls. Any service calls that are out of the normal business hours are considered emergency calls. Employees do not get paid extra for emergency calls. Every employee will be paid regular pay for every 40 hours they work a week, and time and a half for every hour after 40.
No employee at Redline Electric & Solar, LLC will be paid for their commute directly to and/or from their home. No employee will be paid for extended lunch breaks off of the job site or away from the office. Redline Electric & Solar, LLC vehicles provided to employees may be stored at their personal place of residence. These vehicles should not be used outside of work hours, nor should they be used for any sort of personal use. Only technicians in service trucks will be provided with fuel cards. These fuel cards are only to be used to fill up their Redline Electric & Solar, LLC provided vehicle.


       Paid Holidays
       Paid Vacation


You are eligible for AFLAC after 90 days of employment.

You are eligible for LegalShield after 90 days of employment.

Paid holidays will come into effect after 90 days of employment.

A full work week (40 hours) of paid vacation will come into effect after two full years of employment at Redline Electric & Solar, LLC.

AFLAC (Supplemental Insurance) – Voluntarily

We provide AFLAC to our employees after they have completed the required eligibility period. AFLAC is a Supplementary Insurance. We offer accidental coverage to our eligible employees through AFLAC.

Redline Electric & Solar, LLC offers the following five days as paid holidays:


Item Holiday Hours Compensation
1 Martin Luther King Closed Not Paid
2 New Years Day Closed Paid
3 Valentines Day Open 7:00 AM - 11:00 AM Not Paid
4 President's Day Closed Not Paid
5 Memorial Day Closed Paid
6 Fourth of July Closed Paid
7 Labor Day Closed Paid
8 Halloween Open 7:00 AM - 11:00 AM Not Paid
9 Veterans Day Closed Not Paid
10 Thanksgiving Day Closed Paid
11 Christmas Day Closed Paid

After two full years of employment with Redline Electric & Solar, LLC you will be issued one full work week (40 hours) of paid vacation. Vacation time requests must be submitted on a “Time Off Request” Form within ample time, and must be approved by Josh in order for you to take the time you are requesting.

Legal Shield- Voluntarily

You are eligible for LegalSheild services after 90 days of employment. LegalShield offers pre-paid legal services. More info can be obtained if you wish to sign up.


At Redline Electric & Solar, LLC we want you to be proud of the work you do, and proud to be a part of this organization and represent this company. In order to help achieve this we have developed an ethical code of conduct. These are rules and suggested practices to keep in mind when working both internally and externally while representing Redline Electric & Solar, LLC. If you are unsure if something is unethical or not, ask yourself, “Is it legal, is it fair, and is it honest?”

Who the code applies to

This ethics code will apply to all employees, supervisors, and all associates who work with Redline Electric & Solar, LLC. This will include all owners, partners, consultants, agents, suppliers, and anyone who is seen as part of our team.
Redline Electric & Solar, LLC’s ethics code of conduct provides principles for working with other employees, customers, consumers, suppliers, authorities, agencies, the general public, and anyone else our employees may come in contact with while on the job.

If someone violates the Code

Redline Electric & Solar, LLC considers our ethics code of conduct to be very important and we expect our employees to follow it. If any employee of Redline Electric & Solar, LLC violates this code, we may be required to take action. Depending on how serious the misconduct, consequences may come in a variety of forms including but not limited to: minor discipline, pay cut, and immediate termination.
If any employee of Redline Electric & Solar, LLC violates the code of conduct, and legal action is required, the employee will be liable for their actions and be required to pay for their own legal services.

Honesty and Integrity

Redline Electric & Solar, LLC strives to maintain a high moral and ethical image as the preferred company for our customers to work with. With every decision you make and action you do as an employee of this organization, remember that you are representing not only yourself but Redline Electric & Solar, LLC. Because of this, make a conscious effort to do everything with honesty and integrity building a framework of trust between you and everyone you interact with, both internally and externally.
All statements made should be truthful without being false or misleading. When probed about an issue that has occurred, respond calmly and balanced, free from bias and anger. Give honest answers based on accurate facts of the situation at hand.

Diversity, Discrimination and Harassment

At Redline Electric & Solar, LLC, we respect individuals of all backgrounds and experiences. We value a diverse work force and do not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind. This applies to all employees, suppliers, supervisors, customers, and anyone you are in contact with as a Redline Electric & Solar, LLC employee. Any behavior that demeans, threatens, or humiliates a person or group of people is considered harassment. Any harassment or perceived judgment against others’ race, color, religion, nationality, ethnicity, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status or any physical or mental impairment will result in consequences, including possible probation and termination. If you feel you are being the victim of such harassment and prejudice do not hesitate to contact a supervisor and explain your concerns. If you are aware of such actions that are being done unto others, you are obligated to report such activity to your supervisor.

Continual Development and Learning

Redline Electric & Solar, LLC is a reflection of our employees and their quality of work. As the industry continually evolves and changes, we must strive to constantly be improving our skills and capabilities. As an employee of Redline Electric & Solar, LLC you must always be looking to learn from all of your experiences. This means being open to new ideas, approaches, and ways of doing things. Be open to suggestions from supervisors and fellow employees. Look at constructive criticism as a way for you to grow and learn.

Respecting Property

As a Redline Electric & Solar, LLC employee you should treat all property that is not yours, including vehicles, tools, machinery and any other equipment, with the same respect and care that you would want you property to be handled. If you as an employee accidentally damage property or materials while on the job, you are expected to notify your supervisor so the proper action can be taken.
You are not to use any Redline Electric & Solar, LLC property, including vehicles, for any sort of personal use. If it is found out that you are using our property for personal use, consequences will be taken that may include immediate termination. If you are in an accident while driving a Redline Electric & Solar, LLC vehicle, while off the job, you will be required to pay for all damages that are incurred. If you are using any Redline Electric & Solar, LLC equipment while off the job, you will be required to pay for all damages that are caused, and pay to replace the property if necessary.

Treatment of our Customers and Clients

At Redline Electric & Solar, LLC our customers and clients are of extreme importance. Because of this we provide them with the utmost respect and are always completely honest with them. We are committed to following through on its service and quality commitments to customers. This means only making commitments we can keep, and doing our very best to deliver on these commitments. Interacting with our clients on an ethical, open and honest basis is critical to providing the high quality service that we demand. Redline Electric & Solar, LLC customers and clients will judge and value us based on every one of our interactions with them. As a team we are committed to building our reputation as a quality organization delivering services that add value for the customer.


Redline Electric & Solar, LLC believes in a drug and alcohol-free workplace to help ensure a safe and productive work environment. This is especially important for employees who work or would work in high-risk or safety-sensitive positions, or who drive and operate any Redline Electric & Solar, LLC vehicle or machinery. In order to further this objective, all Redline Electric & Solar, LLC employees will be tested for drugs and alcohol.

Employees Subject to Testing

Under Redline Electric & Solar, LLC’s drug and alcohol testing policy, all current and
prospective employees will be asked to submit a drug and alcohol test. Current Redline Electric & Solar, LLC employees may be asked to submit to a random drug and alcohol test at any time within a 48 hour window. No prospective employee will be asked to submit to testing unless an offer of employment has been made. An offer from Redline Electric & Solar, LLC, is conditioned on the prospective employee testing negative for drugs and alcohol. All prospective employees will be required to pay for the cost of their testing. After working for Redline Electric & Solar, LLC for 90 days, the employee will receive reimbursement for the testing costs. If a current employee refuses to adhere to a drug or alcohol test, they will be terminated immediately.


Redline Electric & Solar, LLC ‘s policy is intended to comply with all state laws governing drug and alcohol testing and is designed to safeguard employee privacy rights to the fullest extent of the law.

Tested Substances

Redline Electric & Solar, LLC’s drug and alcohol testing program includes, but is not limited to, being able to test for the following: alcohol, antidepressants, amphetamines, methamphetamines, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, cocaine, hydrocodone, synthetic cannabinoids, marijuana (THC), methadone, opiates, oxycodone, phencyclidine (PCP), propoxyphene and tricyclic.

Written Notice

Employees will be given a written request to submit to a drug and/or alcohol test. If employee is unable or unwilling to appear in person for said written request, a verbal request will be sufficient. The employee will then have a 48 hour window to have the drug test completed.

Licensed Laboratories

Any drug and alcohol testing required or requested by Redline Electric & Solar, LLC will be conducted by Any Lab Test Now, located on 2075 W. Warner Rd, Suite #2, Chandler, AZ 85224. The employee may obtain more information on the lab testing by calling (480)269-1928.

Notice of Results

If the employee is asked to submit to a drug or alcohol test, Redline Electric & Solar, LLC will notify the employee of the results within 72 hours of receiving the results from the laboratory. To preserve the confidentiality Redline Electric & Solar, LLC strives to maintain, the employee will be notified by telephone or in person whether the test was negative or confirmed positive and, if confirmed positive, what the next step is.

Positive Test Results

All Redline Electric & Solar, LLC employees must sign an e-mail release form for test results to be sent to “[email protected]”. Redline Electric & Solar, LLC will meet with employees to discuss their drug and alcohol test results. If the employee’s test results are confirmed positive, the employee may be terminated immediately. At the discretion of Redline Electric & Solar, LLC, employees may maintain their employment with probationary terms put in place.

Adverse Employment Action

If there is reason to suspect that the employee is working while under the influence of an illegal drug or alcohol, the employee will be suspended without pay until the results of a drug and alcohol test are made available to Redline Electric & Solar, LLC by the testing laboratory.


Redline Electric & Solar, LLC will make every effort to keep the results of drug and alcohol tests confidential. Only persons with a need to know the results will have access to them. The employee will be asked for the employee’s consent before test results are released to anyone else. Be advised, however, that test results may be used in arbitration, administrative hearings and court cases arising as a result of the employee’s drug testing. Also, results will be sent to federal agencies as required by federal law. If the employee is to be referred to a treatment facility for evaluation, the employee’s test results will also be made available to the employee’s counselor.


All employees will be required to pay for their own drug and alcohol tests. All employees whose test results are negative for all related drugs and alcohol will be reimbursed for their testing costs by Redline Electric & Solar, LLC, only after completing their 30th day of work with Redline Electric & Solar, LLC. All employees whose test results come back positive will not be reimbursed by Redline Electric & Solar, LLC and will not be hired.

Drug and Alcohol Use at Work Prohibited

Redline Electric & Solar, LLC will not tolerate any use of non-prescribed drugs or alcohol during work hours. If the employee comes to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol or uses drugs or alcohol during work time, the employee will be terminated immediately.


All Redline Electric & Solar, LLC employees may request a copy of this Drug and Alcohol Policy at any time.

Substance Testing Consent Form

I _________________________ have applied for employment with Redline Electric & Solar, LLC. As a condition for my application being considered, I understand and agree to undergo substance screening. I understand that if my test results are positive, I shall not be considered further by Redline Electric & Solar, LLC for employment.

I __________________________ am a current employee of Redline Electric & Solar, LLC. I have read thoroughly and understand completely Redline Electric & Solar, LLC’s Substance Testing Policies. As a condition of my employment I understand and agree to undergo a substance screening. I understand that if my test results are positive I may be terminated immediately from Redline Electric & Solar, LLC.

I hereby authorize any physician, laboratory, hospital or medical professional retained by Redline Electric & Solar, LLC for screening purposes to conduct such screening and to provide the results to Redline Electric & Solar, LLC, I release Redline Electric & Solar, LLC and any person affiliated with Redline Electric & Solar, LLC and any such institution or person conducting the screening, from liability therefor.

Applicant/Employee’s signature: __________________________________________

Applicant/Employee’s name: _____________________________________________

Date: _________________________________________________________________


Redline Electric & Solar, LLC follows all national, state and local guidelines on lamp recycling. In most cases we use third party recycling firms for boxed and crushed lamps. In the case that we crush our own lamps, in house, we use the Air Cycle Bulb Eater.

Air Cycle Bulb Eater

At Redline Electric & Solar, LLC we dispose of small and large quantities of mercury filled lamps using the Air Cycle Bulb Eater. The Air Cycle Bulb Eater provides a safer work environment and reduces liability by providing less mercury vapor emissions, while reducing the time and cost it takes to dispose of these lamps.

Bulb Eater Training

All Redline Electric & Solar, LLC employees must complete the Air Cycle Corporation Bulb Eater Certified Training Program, in order to be certified to use the Air Cycle Bulb Eater. This consists of reading the Bulb Eater manual and watching the Bulb Eater training video provided on the Air Cycle Website. All employees will then complete a Bulb Eater quiz and if passed will then receive an official certificate of completion for the Bulb Eater certified training program.

Use of Bulb Eater

Due to the typical high volume of lamps, crushing lamps with the bulb eater is done on job sites. Before crushing commences, the customer signs a contract stating that the customer themselves will be generating the hazardous waste, and Redline Electric & Solar, LLC will simply be facilitating the recycling process of said waste. This will require the customer to have the proper paperwork and EPA ID number, not Redline Electric & Solar, LLC. Lamps are always crushed in 55 gallon sealed drums which are properly labeled as hazardous waste with the date of the creation of the waste. Drums containing hazardous waste are never to be left in the elements, especially during summer months. If customer job is extended, drums filled with crushed lamps are not to be left on job site for more than 30 days.

Disposal of Hazardous Waste

After all lamps are crushed, environmental services are called who are licensed to transport and dispose of this hazardous waste. Some companies we use for this service include Veolia Environmental Services, Lighting Resources and Air Cycle Corporation. After said company delivers waste to a proper certified recycling plant, we receive validation of recycling, confirming the proper handling of the waste.
Please note, if lamps are crushed on job site, the barrels must stay on job site until picked up by said disposal companies. Barrels filled with crushed lamps are to be marked as “hazardous material.” Under no circumstance should any Redline Electric & Solar, LLC employee ever transport broken lamps, regardless of their containment in barrels or not.


If you have any general questions about safety or are concerned about the safety of a situation or working environment, please contact your supervisor ASAP!

Safety is a top priority at Redline Electric & Solar, LLC. It is critical for your health and safety to be cautious and observant when on the job. To ensure the safety of yourself, fellow workers, and everyone around you, you must be completely aware of your surroundings and working conditions. If you are concerned about the safety precautions being taken on a job site, do not hesitate to speak up to your working partner, and your supervisor. Please refer to our safety rules and tips for more in depth safety information.

Safety Rules

  • Carry a first aid kit in your tool box.
  • Maintain all tools in like-new operating condition.
  • Tag out defective equipment so others will not use them. (See lock out tag out procedures)
  • Replace personal tools as needed.
  • Secure all tools and equipment and lock vehicles to avoid tampering and theft.
  • Verify GFCI protection works for all GFCI protected power circuits.
  • Avoid hazardous work positions above and below ground.
  • Use protective gear appropriate for the environment.
  • Cleanup work area before, during and after work.
  • Lock out disconnects when working on equipment.
  • Operate equipment according to manufacturer’s directions.
  • Treat minor injuries properly. Report all injuries.
  • Lift heavy material properly. Seek help as needed.
  • De-energize circuits while making repairs to avoid electric shock.
  • Observe fellow employees for safety compliance.
  • Stay well clear of hostile confrontation with other workers.
  • Do not wear loose or excessive jewelry.
  • Proper footwear is mandatory.
  • Keep a spare set of work clothes handy in case of emergencies.
  • Verify that pets on the job are harmless or ask that they be secured.
  • Leave any job site to avoid injury when you are concerned.
  • Wear clean clothing every day.
  • Drive to and from job locations very cautiously and obey all rules of the road.
  • Keep material in work vehicles in an organized manner that is easy to get to.
  • Position load in vehicles to avoid injury due to load shifts.

Safety Tips

  • Replace defective extension cords promptly.
  • Don’t even think about bypassing GFCI protection.
  • Handle metal studs carefully. Move slowly around metal framing members.
  • Do not use a trigger hold button on a power tool, ever.
  • Don’t use borrowed tools.
  • Keep your back straight when lifting. Ask for help if needed.
  • If a fluorescent fixture is falling, do not try to catch it.
  • Use eye protection whenever chipping or drilling.
  • Don’t notch ladders to cut conduit.
  • Make sure your work boots are the non-conducting type.
  • Wear a long sleeved shirt when drilling metal overhead.
  • Keep volume on job radio down.
  • Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.
  • Don’t wear any sort of hand held MP3 player while working.
  • Keep your tetanus shot up to date.
  • Make sure your job vehicle is locked when unattended.
  • Don’t use PVC glue on fire for heat to bend PVC conduit.
  • When working on live circuits, remain insulated and use only one hand.
  • Don’t siphon gas. Don’t smoke near gas.
  • Wear eye protection when working with PVC glue overhead.
  • Wear a respirator in dusty environments.
  • Don’t leave short pieces of conduit on the floor.
  • Limit time spent in attics when hot. Don’t enter whenever over 110 degrees.
  • Only use front half of hacksaw blade at end of a conduit cut.
  • Carry beach umbrella in truck if you work in sun.
  • Use reverse on drill when starting a hole saw.
  • Try not to stand on the top of a ladder.
  • Change blades often on hacksaw.
  • Post someone at the feet of an extension ladder so it won’t walk.
  • Secure ladders during transport.
  • On decks watch out for oil slip hazards.
  • Do not operate machinery or work if using prescribed over the counter medication that may inhibit your performance.



  • Always arrive on time to work, and give ample notice to your boss and the customer if you will be late.
  • Call customer when you are on the way
  • Meet customer when you arrive (when appropriate)
  • Use sir and ma’am and speak respectfully to customers
  • Go over work to be done with the customer

During Job

  • Work as quickly and “quietly” as possible
  • Take time to clean as you go
    Put plastic where needed to avoid mess such as on carpets and desks
  • Be respectful of your environment and the people around you
  • End of Work

    • Cleanup area completely before leaving, even if job is not complete, customer should not know you were there from day to day
    • Jobsite should be safe and “dumby proof” before leaving
    • Let customer know when you are finished, show them the work that was done and let them inspect, ask them if they have any questions or concerns
    • If returning, let customer know when you will be back and if appropriate what you will be doing, make sure the customer feels completely in the loop and in control
    • When complete with job, let the customer inspect the work done again and ask any questions, then ask them to sign the invoice approving of work done
    • When complete with job ask customer what they thought of the job and if they would not mind filling out a survey
    • Shake hands with customer and leave a Redline flyer and business card (yours or Josh’s) and let them know they can call or e-mail with any questions or concerns


    This Confidentiality Agreement (“Agreement”) is made and effective on February 20, 2009 by and between Joshua Farley (“Owner”) and Name (“Recipient”).

    1. Confidential Information.
      Owner proposes to disclose certain of its confidential and proprietary information (the “Confidential Information”) to Recipient. Confidential Information shall include all data, materials, products, technology, computer programs, specifications, manuals, business plans, software, marketing plans, business plans, financial information, and other information disclosed or submitted, orally, in writing, or by any other media, to Recipient by Owner. Confidential Information disclosed orally shall be identified as such within five (5) days of disclosure. Nothing herein shall require Owner to disclose any of its information.
    2. Recipient’s Obligations.
      • Recipient agrees that the Confidential Information is to be considered confidential and proprietary to Owner and Recipient shall hold the same in confidence, shall not use the Confidential Information other than for the purposes of its business with Owner, and shall disclose it only to its officers, directors, or employees with a specific need to know. Recipient will not disclose, publish or otherwise reveal any of the Confidential Information received from Owner to any other party whatsoever except with the specific prior written authorization of Owner.
      • Confidential Information furnished in tangible form shall not be duplicated by Recipient except for purposes of this Agreement. Upon the request of Owner, Recipient shall return all Confidential Information received in written or tangible form, including copies, or reproductions or other media containing such Confidential Information, within ten (10) days of such request. At Recipient’s option, any documents or other media developed by the Recipient containing Confidential Information may be destroyed by Recipient. Recipient shall provide a written certificate to Owner regarding destruction within ten (10) days thereafter.
    3. Term.
      The obligations of Recipient herein shall be effective 3 years from the date Owner last discloses any Confidential Information to Recipient pursuant to this Agreement. Further, the obligation not to disclose shall not be affected by bankruptcy, receivership, assignment, attachment or seizure procedures, whether initiated by or against Recipient, nor by the rejection of any agreement between Owner and Recipient, by a trustee of Recipient in bankruptcy, or by the Recipient as a debtor-in-possession or the equivalent of any of the foregoing under local law.
    4. Other Information.
      Recipient shall have no obligation under this Agreement with respect to Confidential Information which is or becomes publicly available without breach of this Agreement by Recipient; is rightfully received by Recipient without obligations of confidentiality; or is developed by Recipient without breach of this Agreement; provided, however, such Confidential Information shall not be disclosed until thirty(30) days after written notice of intent to disclose is given to Owner along with the asserted grounds for disclosure.
    5. No License.
      Nothing contained herein shall be construed as granting or conferring any rights by license or otherwise in any Confidential Information. It is understood and agreed that neither party solicits any change in the organization, business practice, service or products of the other party, and that the disclosure of Confidential Information shall not be construed as evidencing any intent by a party to purchase any products or services of the other party nor as an encouragement to expend funds in development or research efforts. Confidential Information may pertain to prospective or unannounced products. Recipient agrees not to use any Confidential Information as a basis upon which to develop or have a third party develop a competing or similar product.
    6. No Publicity.
      Recipient agrees not to disclose its participation in this undertaking, the existence or terms and conditions of the Agreement, or the fact that discussions are being held with Owner.
    7. Governing Law and Equitable Relief.
      This Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the United States and the State of AZ and Recipient consents to the exclusive jurisdiction of the state courts and U.S. federal courts located there for any dispute arising out of this Agreement. Recipient agrees that in the event of any breach or threatened breach by Recipient, Owner may obtain, in addition to any other legal remedies which may be available, such equitable relief as may be necessary to protect Owner against any such breach or threatened breach.
    8. Final Agreement.
      This Agreement terminates and supersedes all prior understandings or agreements on the subject matter hereof. This Agreement may be modified only by a further writing that is duly executed by both parties.
    9. No Assignment.
      Recipient may not assign this Agreement or any interest herein without Owner’s express prior written consent.
    10. Severability.
      If any term of this Agreement is held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid or unenforceable, then this Agreement, including all of the remaining terms, will remain in full force and effect as if such invalid or unenforceable term had never been included.
    11. Notices.
      Any notice required by this Agreement or given in connection with it, shall be in writing and shall be given to the appropriate party by personal delivery or by certified mail, postage prepaid, or recognized overnight delivery services.
      1. If to Owner: Joshua Farley
      2. If to Recipient: Name
    12. No Implied Waiver.
      Either party’s failure to insist in any one or more instances upon strict performance by the other party of any of the terms of this Agreement shall not be construed as a waiver of any continuing or subsequent failure to perform or delay in performance of any term hereof.
    13. Headings.
      Headings used in this Agreement are provided for convenience only and shall not be used to construe meaning or intent.
      IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have executed this Agreement as of the date first above written.
    14. ________________________________________Joshua Farley ________________________________________Recipient
      Address of the Owner Address of the Recipient

      Uniform Policy

      Redline Electric & Solar, LLC prides itself on professional service and customer satisfaction. As part of this, we believe that you only have one time to make a first impression and it’s important to make the right one. Often times our field personnel are the first thing the customer sees by the way of in-person contact. For this reason, we have designated acceptable appearance standards for our employees in the field.

      On the flip side, to land larger contracts, there is a portion of behind-the-scenes work that takes place and this falls on our office, or administrative, staff. Business meetings and professional contacts help us to close contracts and because of this we want our office staff to dress professionally.

      Below you will find the expectation(s) of Redline Electric & Solar, LLC regarding attire and personal appearance. We understand that each person strives to be an individual, and we are not, in any way, attempting to strip you of your desire for uniqueness. Our society is ever-changing and we understand that there are fun fads and popular trends, but please understand, we have implemented these things because you are a physical representation of our organization and we wish for this image to be perceived in a way that will maximize our potential success.

      We are thankful for your adherence to our requirement(s) and expectation(s) in this matter and are always open to your feedback and thoughts regarding this policy.

      Field Personnel

      Redline Electric & Solar, LLC provides uniform shirts and hats and intend for our employees to wear them responsibly. We expect our technicians to wear our Redline uniform shirt and any employee may wear their Redline hat (again, it is optional). We ask that clean jeans and work boots be worn as well. We do not support the all too trendy “saggy jeans” appearance as it does not provide a safe working condition.

      Facial hair– May be worn on male employees, save it is kept neat and trimmed. We do not allow unnatural hair dies on male employees (i.e. pink beards, facial hair with glitter, etc).

      Piercings– No facial piercings will be authorized to be worn for any field employees. This includes ear rings for male or female employees as this does not provide a safe working condition.

      Tattoos– We do allow our employees to have tattoos that are not offensive. If you have to ask whether a tattoo is offensive; more than likely, it’s offensive.

      Office Personnel

      We expect our office personnel to wear business casual attire. Clothes must be kept clean and maintained (i.e. no tattered jeans or torn open areas).

      Facial hair– May be worn on male employees, save it is kept neat and trimmed. We do not allow unnatural hair dies on male employees (i.e. pink beards, facial hair with glitter, etc).

      Piercings– No facial piercings will be authorized to be worn for any field employees. This includes ear rings for male or female employees as this does not provide a safe working condition.

      Tattoos– We do allow our employees to have tattoos that are not offensive. If you have to ask whether a tattoo is offensive; more than likely, it’s offensive.

      Sick Time

      Sick Time
      Author Joshua Farley
      Publication Year 2017
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      PDF Viewable

      POLICY NAME:      Sick Time

      CREATION DATE: February 13, 2017

      POLICY EFFECTIVE DATE: July 1, 2017



      Earned Paid Sick Time: Means time that
      is compensated at the same hourly rate and with the same benefits, including
      health care benefits, as the employee normally earns during hours worked and is
      provided by an employer to an employee for the purposes described in section
      23-373 of this article, but in no case shall this hourly amount be less than
      that provided under the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 (29 United States Code
      section 206(A)(1)) or section 23-363, Arizona Revised Statutes.


      Employer: Includes any corporation,
      proprietorship, partnership, joint venture, limited liability company, trust,
      association, political subdivision of the state, individual or other entity
      acting directly or indirectly in the interest of an employer in relation to an
      employee, but does not include the State of Arizona or the United States.


      Abuse: When used in reference to a
      child, means abuse as defined in Arizona Revised Statute (A.R.S.) § 8-201,
      except for those acts in the definition that are declared unlawful by another
      statute of this title and, when used in reference to a vulnerable adult, means:

      a)      Intentional
      infliction of physical harm.

      b)      Injury
      caused by criminally negligent acts or omissions.

      c)      Unlawful
      imprisonment, as described in A.R.S. § 13-1303.

      d)     Sexual
      abuse or sexual assault.

      Year: A regular and consecutive twelve
      (12) month period, which begins on the date of hire of the given employee.


      Family Member: Means:

      1.      Regardless
      of age, a biological, adopted or foster child, stepchild or legal ward, a child
      of a domestic partner, a child to whom the employee stands in loco parentis, or
      an individual to whom the employee stood in loco parentis when the individual
      was a minor;

      2.      A
      biological, foster, stepparent or adoptive parent or legal guardian of an
      employee or an employee’s spouse or domestic partner or a person who stood in
      loco parentis when the employee or employee’s spouse or domestic partner was a
      minor child’

      3.      A
      person to whom the employee is legally married under the laws of any state, or
      a domestic partner of an employee as registered under the laws of any state or
      political subdivision;

      4.      A
      grandparent, grandchild or sibling (whether of a biological, foster, adoptive
      or step relationship) of the employee or the employee’s spouse or domestic
      partner; or

      5.      Any
      other individual related by blood or affinity whose close association with the
      employee is the equivalent of a family relationship.


      Redline Electric & Solar, LLC sets out to enact a
      legally compliant, market comparable, and employee sensitive policy to allow sick
      leave where permissible. This policy has been created in accordance with The
      Fair Wages and Healthy Families Act
      of 2017.




      All employees will accrue earned paid sick
      time as follows:


      1.      Employees
      shall accrue one (1) hour of earned paid sick time for every thirty (30) hours

      2.      While
      Redline Electric & Solar, LLC has 1 – 14 employees, an employee shall not
      accrue, or use, more than twenty-four (24) hours of earned paid sick time per

      3.      While
      Redline Electric & Solar, LLC has 15 or more employees, an employee shall
      not accrue, or use, more than forty (40) hours of earned paid sick time per

      4.      Accrual
      of earned paid sick time will begin at the commencement of employment, or after
      the effective date of this policy.

      5.      Although
      accrual will begin upon the instantiation of hire, employees must wait until
      the ninetieth (90) calendar day after commencing employment before using
      accrued earned paid sick time.

      6.      Earned
      paid sick time will not be carried over to the following year as Redline
      Electric & Solar, LLC shall pay employees their remaining accrual amounts
      before the close of the year.

      7.      Upon
      separation of employment, should the same employee be rehired within nine (9)
      months of separation, previously accrued earned paid sick time will be


      When the use of earned paid sick time is foreseeable, the
      employee shall make a good faith effort to provide notice of the need for such
      time. A reasonable period of time is considered two (2) hours before the
      beginning of a shift. Furthermore, the employee shall make a reasonable effort
      to schedule the use of earned paid sick time in a manner that does not unduly
      disrupt the operations of Redline Electric & Solar, LLC.


      Records Retention:

      Human resources, or Redline Electric & Solar, LLC designee,
      shall retain records of the following for a minimum period of four (4) years:

      time(s) worked and time clock entries

      paid sick time



      Medical Leave Act (FMLA) hours

      Usage & Payment(s):

      paid sick time shall be used for:

      1.      Employee’s
      mental or physical illness, injury or health condition.

      2.      Care
      of a family member with a mental or physical illness, injury or health

      3.      Public
      health emergency.

      4.      Employee’s
      self or family member who is experiencing a domestic violence, sexual violence,
      abuse or stalking situation wherein the employee must obtain:

      a.       Medical
      attention needed to recover from physical or psychological injury or disability
      caused by domestic violence, sexual violence, abuse, or stalking;

      b.      Services
      from a domestic violence or sexual violence program or victim services

      c.       Psychological
      or other counseling;

      d.      Relocation
      or taking steps to secure an existing home due to the domestic violence, sexual
      violence, abuse or stalking; or

      e.       Legal
      services, including but not limited to preparing for or participating in any
      civil or criminal legal proceeding related to or resulting from the domestic
      violence, sexual violence, abuse or stalking.


      the anniversary date of the employee’s hire date, Redline Electric & Solar,
      LLC shall pay the employee their remaining hour(s) of their minimum twenty-four
      (24) hours they are issued throughout the year. The payout amount shall not
      exceed twenty-four (24) hours regardless of how many hours of earned paid sick
      time are attributed to their account.


      example, should an employee be issued forty (40) hours and use fourteen (14) of
      them; the employee will be paid out for ten (10) hours of regular pay at their year
      anniversary. This is because twenty-four (24) hours is the maximum amount to be
      paid out upon the anniversary of an employee. Anything beyond twenty-four (24)
      hours will not be rolled over or paid out and will be lost if not used
      throughout the course of the employee’s year.


      Electric & Solar, LLC will not pay out any earned paid sick time upon
      separation of employment. This policy does not constitute a contract, nor
      should it be misunderstood that an employee is entitled to separation monies if
      they have earned paid sick time on the books.


      an employee use earned paid sick time three (3) days in a row, Redline Electric
      & Solar, LLC may require documentation to support the employee’s purpose
      for absenteeism. For privacy and confidentiality purposes, Redline Electric
      & Solar, LLC does not require specifics regarding the nature of the
      situation. However, reasonable documentation includes a copy of:

      1.      A
      police report

      2.      A
      protective order; injunction against harassment; a general court order; or
      other evidence from a court or prosecuting attorney

      3.       A
      signed statement from a domestic violence or sexual violence program or victim
      services organization

      4.      A
      signed statement from a witness advocate

      5.      A
      signed statement from an attorney, member of the clergy, or a medical or other

      6.      An
      employee’s written statement affirming that the employee or the employee’s
      family member is a victim of domestic violence, sexual violence, abuse, or
      stalking, and that the leave was taken for one of those purposes.

      Redaction of details may be
      permitted and will not be questioned unless it so infringes upon the document
      as to leave question regarding its authenticity. 


      the sake of confidentiality and nondisclosure, should Redline Electric &
      Solar, LLC or designee have, in its possession or knowledge, any substantive
      information regarding an employee’s condition or circumstances, as it relates
      to elements of this policy, Redline Electric & Solar, LLC will not release
      information to another employee without the written consent of the employee to
      which the information pertains. Furthermore, Redline Electric & Solar, LLC
      will not surrender information to any governing body or agency unless required
      to do so through a valid court order.


      Should any part of this policy not be clear, it is incumbent
      that you consult with your supervisor.
























    Redline Electric & Solar, LLC.